19 September 2007



            “Love is not perfect. I never asked for love to be perfect. In all things, perfection is not a criterion.” There is no such thing as “perfect.”


            What’s the difference between “LOVE” and “LOVING”?

            A friend told me the difference between “Love” and “Loving”; that love is something you subjectively feel and loving is putting the feeling into actions. There are cases when you really love someone but you do not show that love to him/her. There are also cases in which you show actions of being loving but you do not really love the person.


            Maybe it isn’t really “love” that I’m afraid of; maybe it’s the possibility of getting hurt, the possibility of being left alone again. My friend is right, love is different from loving. What I feel for my family and friends are love and even though we are far or we don’t see each other often, the way I feel for them is constant.


            Let me rephrase what I said before (Love: “It’ll be like putting me at the end of a cliff; one wrong move and I’ll fall down and stumble on the ground”). Love is putting me at the end of a cliff, carefully moving myself to fall, and hoping somebody to catch me on the way down.


            The scary thing is that what if nobody will catch you? What if somebody catches you then he realizes that it was just a mistake? What if somebody catches you and after some time he’ll just drop you on the ground? Then you’ll just find yourself broken and wounded, again?


            Falling in love is definitely an “unknown.” It is so dreadful that it really takes a lot of courage to do so; for some it may not be courage, it may just be excitement or stupidity.


Once you fall, it’s so hard to hold on to something to stop you from falling. Even when you get to hold on to something, it’s still agonizing to keep yourself on that state, unless you get your feet back on the ground. They say that it is hard to resist gravity; maybe that’s the reason people keep on falling and stumbling on the ground, maybe that’s why a lot of people are broken, maybe that’s why a lot of people are afraid to fall in love. It is gravity’s fault!!!


For me, if you decide to give in and allow yourself to fall on the cliff, at least be sure that somebody will catch you on your way down. That’s the reason why I’m so afraid to fall; even when I know that someone will catch me, he may later on realize that it’s just a mistake.



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