25 June 2013

What is the Best Weight-Loss Exercise?

I'm my "desire" to lose weight, I learned a lot...


I watched a morning show in the television during father's day which featured exercises to help father lose their beer bellies. The instructor demonstrated a couple of leg exercises such as squatting, leg lifting, etc, before he actually did the crunches. The MC asked the instructor why he did more leg exercises than the actually crunches for the belly
. I also noticed it and was curious of his reason.

He said that the legs have the most muscles in the body and so by exercising the leg muscles, it helps remove the fats in the body which are mostly deposited in the tummy area. He was not able to explain it well, but I got what he was trying to say.


I hated dumbells and all those weight-lifting equipment. For how many years I believed that traditional lengthy cardio  is the best exercise to lose weight. I was wrong!!! Strength training is the best way to lose weight. That is according to many fitness articles that I have read from the internet the past weeks.

By developing your muscles and increasing lean muscles tissues, the faster the resting metabolism. Resting metabolism means your body is "working out" when you are just sitting or lying down. Muscle-enhancing workout also increases the production of two fat-burning hormones called the growth hormone and testosterone. And most of all, muscles require a lot of calories when they are working, meaning that the more you lift weight and exercise those arms and legs, the more calorie are being burned.

Ooooohhh all those pathopysiology during my nursing days are coming back to me! It all makes sense why my early morning walking-jogging did not do anything to my body.



  1. Yup, when you build muscle that muscle continues to burn fat passivle. It`s the best bang for your buck!


  2. 5 Ways to Cut Your Workout Time

    Do you know the 2 biggest reasons men and women stop exercising?

    1) Lack of time
    2) Lack of motivation

    Let's tackle "Lack of Time" today with 5 ways you can get your
    workouts done faster. After all, no one should spend more than 50
    minutes in the gym.

    Here are 5 ways to cut time from your workouts.

    a) Supersets

    I use "non-competing" superset. This means, choose two exercises
    for different muscle groups - and preferably completely opposite
    movements. For example, choose a push and a pull. That way, one
    muscle group rests while the other works...and you cut the rest
    time you need between sets.

    b) Choose a better warm-up strategy

    Don't waste 10 minutes walking on the treadmill. Instead, use a
    total body circuit of bodyweight exercises as a general warm-up, and
    then move directly into specific warm-up sets for your first two

    c) Pair dumbbell and bodyweight exercises together in your

    This saves you time at home (you don't need to change the dumbbell
    weight between exercises) and in the gym (you don't need to fight
    for 2 sets of dumbbells).

    d) Choose Intervals over slow cardio

    The latest research shows more weight loss when people use
    intervals, and intervals take half as long to do.

    e) Limit the use of isolation exercises

    Pick multi-muscle exercises, such as squats, pulls, pushes, and
    rows. If you have time, you can squeeze in some dropsets for arms
    and shoulders if you want. However, if you only have 3 sessions of
    45 minutes per week, isolation exercises must be the first to go.

    In addition, don't spend more than 10 minutes per week on direct ab
    training. It's not efficient and won't give you rock hard abs

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