13 October 2012

Anti-Bullying Month

I saw from the show The Insider about a news anchor being bullied for being fat. The anchor was Jennifer Livingston, from a morning show in a channel in America. The Insider was able to interview the.person who bullied Jennifer, and.the man said that he was just giving Jennifer a constructive criticism. Better for you to watch Jennifer's piece during her morning show. I got this clip from youtube.com
I am also a victim of bullying. Being a chubby girl, I constantly receive comments about my gaining weight after college; that's nothing new. But what I don't like about it is when people make fun of me or put me on shame telling me how fat or disgusting I am because of my weight, and most of all I hate it when it is being done when I am on my professional set up, and then the bully covering him/herself by saying that he/she's only saying that to me to encourage me to lose weight. It's like punching me all over then patting me on the head after. There are people who thinks that only skinny or thin people are sexy, and that if you are fat, you're automatically ugly... I think those people are vrey narrow minded. I actually pity them. What could have they been through their life to develop such a mindset? Beauty comes in different features - color, texture, shape and size. There are a lot of plus size women who are more beautiful than those skinny ones. There are a lot of dark-skinned who are attractive than pale or white. Most of all, beauty is about personality and confidence, how one carries herself positively despite her imperfections.

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