02 August 2013

BLOGILATES Baginner's Calendar (I'm so proud of myself)

I always thought of myself as being a "Ningas-kugon" (someone who's so diligent at first but slacks off and leaves something in the long run), until I finished the Blogilates Beginner's Calendar.

My friend Charmaine introduced Blogilates to me back in June but I officially started the workout calendar on July. I was very diligent at first but
there were days when I had no choice but to skip. I made it up the next day by doing an equivalent of two days of workout base from the calendar. The exercises were so hard when I started. I could not barely lift myself, could not even do a crunch, and my knees and arms could not even bare the weight of my body. I was desperate, but what I did not do was to give up. I stop for a while and repeat the same position until Cassey (Cassey Ho - the blogilates instructor) finished her counting.

Mid second week, some of my workmates complained to me about how sudden and effortlessly I pulled and lifted our patients (I am a CCU nurse). I thought maybe I was getting stronger. I guess I really was! My breathing also improved. Back then, it was such an effort to me to walk fast and run upstairs, but nowadays, I do not feel that i'm-gonna-die feeling when I run on the stairs and walk fast.

It was at the beginning of the third week when I realized I was able to do some things which I could not when I started. I became stronger! I gained a pound on my weight on the third week as well. I got so worried as I expected that I was going to progress my weightloss to 10lbs and more. My friend Steph told me that I'm gaining muscles so I should not worry. It was at the start of the last week when I noticed my biceps despite the presence of fats on my arms. Wooooh! I had muscles! Steph was right, I was really gaining muscles. And who know what muscles are also gaining and becoming healthier beneath the sheath of fats in my body.

Finally, I finished the Beginner's Calendar today. I lost 5lbs, became physically stronger and gained muscles! It was a very worth it journey!

Thanks to my fitspirations Steph (www.travileztera.com) & Ciara Vanessa whose FB & IG pics motivated me to pull my ass off from bed, and to Charmaine and April who were, and are constantly so supportive in many many ways.. Thanks ‪#‎CasseyHo‬


  1. Awww Dom!!! So proud of you!!! I'm sure effortless na pagbuhat mo sa patients nyan talaga! Mababa risk mo sa back injuries... sarap naman! hehehe! Congrats again! And take pics ka ng progress mo then share mo sa'kin a! I also want to feature you sa inspiration posts ko especially once nareach mo na gusto mong goal! :D

    1. Okay step.. I will.. It's a.priviledge to be featured on your blog... But i think it's gonna take some time pa. Anyway wala naman dapat pagmadalian.. Heehhee. Thanks sa support! :)