02 November 2012

Earthquake Nov 3 and Aug 31, 2012

I woke up at two thirty this morning - it was like I was shaken to awake. I wasn't wrong; as soon as I got hold of my alert consciousness, I then realized that the earth was shaking, and it was getting stronger and stronger. I slept with the lights off, so I immediately got hold of my celphone and used it as a flashlight. I ran towards the door, secured myself from the possibility of having myself locked up by opening the door open. I thought of running to my grandmom's room to awaken them but the sound of the shaking glass cabinet on the corridor stopped me. I stayed under the door case (since they say it's one of the strongest part of a house) and screamed calling my aunt's name (who was sleeping with my grandmom on her room). As soon as she responded, I told her to open the doors so they won't get locked up. I was thinking about my grandmom who is so old already, my aunt Candy who has disability of her left leg, and my aunt Anabelle who has cretenism and could not walk. The thought of them worried me; I already thought of rushing to their room, carry aunt Abing and to just get out the house in a secure place in our lawn. It was the best plan I could make before things get worse.
I first got my bag (which contained money, charger, etc) and went to the door case of my room. I felt the shaking's intensity slow down. It meant I have time to get whatever I need in my room. If the earthquake would get stronger again I would definitely get aunt Abing and my grandmom out the house. Fortunately the earthquake slowed down more. But it did not calm me down. I got my backpack, put inside a sweater, a leggings, an umbrella, put my wallet, ipod, celphone, and chargers inside. I tried to look for a food to bring but all I found inside my room was a biscuit - it's still food, I thought, so I immediately put it on the backpack. As I finished packing, the shaking was already gone. I texted my mom (in Manila), my boyfriend, and my workmates on the hospital who were on duty.I tried to stay awake to watch out for aftershocks. After an hour, my counsciousness started to fade until I fell into a sleep. I slept with the door open and the lights on. I slept with my backpack beside me, with my celphone charging near me. This morning, I checked google and the US Geological Survey recorded 6.1 magnitude of earthquake with the Epicenter in Tandag - very near our city! Last August 31, a strong earthquake struck Butuan City with a magnitude of 4. I don't believe it was intensity 4...it was so strong and it took a long time before it faded. I had my boyfriend and cousins in the house and they were at the living room under 3 chandeliers when it happened. I shouted at them to stay away from the chandeliers. They immediately went out from the main door, and as soon as they were safe, the power went off but the shaking was getting stronger and stronger. I was with my mom, dad, aunt Candy and uncle Teody in the dinning room when it happened. I told my mom to go out but she told me to stay calm. How could I stay calm when the power's out, and I have a fear of the dark? I had my voice firm and strong as I commanded them to stand up and go out. My aunt Candy was holding her celphone as flashlight. I grabbed the flashlight and lighted it over my mom and dad. As soon as there was light from the celphone, my dad immediately got up and assisted my mom. I grabbed my aunt Candy and pulled her, keeping the flashlight on the path and back to my mom and dad who were at our back. On the way, I pulled my sling bag from the chair (it contained my celphone and my wallet). I led them outside wher emy boyfriend and my little cousins were waiting. My uncle Teody went up to my grandmom's room where her wife aunt Nooky, their baby Bani, my grandmom and my aunt Anabelle were. I went inside the house and I saw my uncle Teody olding baby Bani and running towards out the house. I got baby Bani and told my uncle Teody to get aunt Anabelle. I passed baby Bani to our helper, and using the celhpone on my hand, I lighted the way of my aunt Nooky who was assisting my grandmom from getting down from the stairs and heading the main door. Soon, uncle Teody was already carrying aunt Anabelle down the stairs, so I immediately got the wheelchair and transferred her on the wheelchair. It all happened while the earth was shaking! I looked at everyone and yes, everyone's out! After a while the shaking started to slow down, until it faded away. The power stayed off for an hour. We did not went inside yet until after two hours since the possibility of aftershock kept us alarmed. From now on, I will be keeping an emergency back pack with essentials for survival. I will also store food, medical stuffs and sharps on it. I will be sleeping with it, and I'm planning of bringing it while on duty. Who knows, when and where an emergency situation will strike.

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  1. That's really scary... =\ Grabe yung narration mo... Action talaga..