16 February 2017

Simple & Sincere Goes a Long Way

A mom who, after 10 years, searched for and personally thanked the medical team who saved his son's life.

Eli, who was 14 weeks then, was in a car accident with his mom and dad. AJ, the father, was killed while his mom, Kellie, lived. Eli was critically injured and went through intensive treatments in the hospital.

Eventually, the baby surpassed it all and lived a good life. Kellie married a new man who stood as her baby's new dad.

As a nurse, I am personally touched by the events in the video. It is unusual for

09 February 2017


One morning I wake up
The clouds circle the city
Head's gloomy with a cup of coffee
Distraction never came effective

In a second following dreams
The thought of you came up
Out of nowhere memories rushed
Caught between

Offensive Love

Sin, how could u say it's one?
When touch and kisses feel great,
what sin if love is with it?
If you say so, then it becomes.

Skin and sweat proof of us,
Each breathe with every move
The air on the room that circles
Our bodies

05 July 2015

My Stand about Same Sex Marriage

The issue of same sex marriage has been a big boom lately due to the approval of the United States of America's law of legalizing it. Many people are satisfied but there is (I guess)  a majority which are very much unhappy about it.

I read a friend's post in Facebook about his strong opposition about same sex marriage and we came to a point of hot discussion. His arguments could be summarize to the following points:

13 December 2014

REVIEW: Nick Automatic

PS: Photos were only taken by my phone camera, and I do not know why some of it are not properly rotated when placed here.

Photo cropped from Nick Automatic's website.

Two weeks ago, a friend from Butuan asked me to buy a T-shirt for him from a specific brand and bring it when I get back to Butuan. He sent me a photo of the shirt that he wanted me to buy. I searched for it in the internet and found a store near where I live.

The shirt brand is Nick Automatic and the store is located in SM North Annex 3rd Floor. Together with two other friends, we walked from Trinoma and took the bridge going to SM North. It was a Sunday and there were literally a lot of people in SM North. I was a long walk and it took us many inquiries from guards and mall personnel before we finally found

04 June 2014

Barobo Backpack Adventure

The only place I have been this summer was Barobo. Barobo is a municipality in Surigao del Sur. It is civilized, but not as developed as my hometown Butuan City. As a matter of fact, it's still far from being a city. Despite that, Barobo holds a hidden treasure that would surely make anyone love it.

We rode a non-air conditioned bus from Butuan going to Tandag. We passed by municipalities of Agusan del Norte, Agusan del Sur, and Surigao del Sur. The bus we rode was old, but its machine seemed good. there were many passengers so we were forced to sit at the back. The impact of the bus' movements were greatly felt from the back; I could not sleep because I was jumping on my seat once in a while. Despite that, I still enjoyed the bus ride because of the view of the mountains, the trees and the small towns we passed by. My visual was appropriately accompanied by Up Dharma Down songs form my 3rd generation Ipod. It was a

06 January 2014

What it is in the Dark

A land of delusion is where we are;
Made of tricks & confusions, reality is far.
Magical it may seem, but life it could take.
A place from a dream you can never be awake.

As twilight falls, it may seem to kill;
Hearing voices call but nothingness you feel.
Cold touch of the wind cradles

03 December 2013

The fall

Clock ticks, counting every second as I'm floating on the horizon.
The motion so slow I could feel the heat of the sun embrace me,
and hours apart I'm being cradled by the cold twilight's tranquility.

As I fall I may come crashing to the sea, impact hard but my life I could keep.
I might hit the ground hard, lie customarily to my grave.
Whichever I end up, I could only hope for myself to be brave.

My body light as a feather floating in the air.
I know providence is never that fair.
If only I was a feather rather than being a stone,
sure of breaking apart to pieces, alone.

Written by: Dominique M. Arancon