01 January 2009

looking back 2008


one year i will never ever forget for the rest of my life...

one year which changed my life, changed the person that i am...


MAY - HOME IN BUTUAN... I saw my friends again and I had the best days of my life wiith my highschool friends since we graduated in HS. The best, and I mean nothing can beat the memmories I had with them. Totally unforgettable. Makes me want to go home more...


"There's no other place like home"




JUNE - THE BREAK UP... A very crucial turning point in my college life. Heartbroken. Issues flooded my days. Friends criticized me, some turned away. A lot of misunderstandings and untold stories from the other party. Showed me who my last-standing friends are. Made me realize a lot of mistakes I did. Made me value the people arround me more. Made me cry, made me laugh, made me angry, made me happy, made me weak, made me stronger. Made me know what kind of person I am. Made me realize what kind of heart I have. Made me realize what I wanted, where I want to go.


"The hardest battle is fighting against yourself"

"People always leave - learn to live with it!"





JULY - UNHAPPIEST BIRTHDAY... Heart still broken. Case presentation (my case, was the leader, was the reporter) on my birthday itself. Mom was mad at me and she wouldn't talk to me. Friends all busy with own lives. Alone. Incomplete. Found true friends...realized who they are...

"There are walks in your life where you would be alone...Do not drown yourself into it. Stand up, and fight because you gotta win yourself"

"True friends aren't just present on good times or in bad times. True friends are present at both times."




AUGUST - STARTED TO PICK SELF UP... I knew the priority at that point in my life: what needs more attenttion. Grades. Oral revalida. Pass the semester. Let the wounded heart beat alone. Breath first! (ABC, right?)


"Set priorities. There are more things to do than just trying to fix an unfixable broken heart"




SEPTEMBER - GRADES... I did not think of anything but passing oral revalida, and passing this semester.


"The pain was still present, but I became stronger to live with it."



OCTOBER - MIRACLE... I witnessed a miracle in St, Jude Parish in one of the masses that I attended. Totally miraculous, and it gave me the confidence that I would pass oral revalida, and that my life would be good. I entrusted my heart to God, to let him decide: whatever is destined for me, then let it be... I gave up my heart to Him. Life changing! Prayers answered. Faith strengthened. Family broken.


"If you ask, He will provide. Nothing beats the power of faith."



NOVEMBER - RECONCILIATION... A momment of serious and honnest talk. Issues cleared. Untold stories revealed. Back. Not totally. Priorities first. Stay. Believe. We truly are always and forever.



"A broken hear is not easily fixed. It takes time, patience, and some effort."



DECEMBER - TEST OF FAITH... Battled with issues. Heard both sides. Made judgements. Stood where I believe. Fixing life. Trying to become better not just as a person but as me.


"Losing your heart's desire is tragic, but gaining your heart's desire is all you could hope for. This year, I asked for love. To immerse myself into someone else, and to awake a heart long afraid to feel. My wish was granted. And if having that is tragic, then give me tragedy, becuase I wouldn't give it up for the world."

-Peyton Sawyer