01 March 2009

Common Mistake of Women

Killing him will push him to kill you back...


   Common Mistakes of Women...  


1. They dream of an ideal/perfect guy  --  there is no duch thing as a perfect man...and most of all, you don't always get what you want... "Dapat ganito sya, dapat ganyan sya"


2. They want their boyfriend to be their prince charming  --  prince charming only exists on fairy tales, we are living in a real world, live in the present world!


3. They are fond of guessing games -- "di nya ko magets, he doesn't understand me, dapat alam mo na yan e, etc"... They expect their boyfriends to be psychic who'd know what they are thinking and what they want...men are just human and they get confused sometimes, or a lot of times, and they are STUPID so they would not really know what's on your mind unless you tell them...and  they are not good in interpreting signs...it's not their specialty, please consider that.. as i said it, they are STUPID and they do not know anything


4. They hate guessing -- exactly!! Once a guy doesn't tell his girl about what he's thinking, the girl would go ranting "di ko sya maintindihan, ang labo nya".... So just mutually talk it out and agree to stop that guessing game and be open to each other...Communication is a basic foundation of any relationship


5. They want their boyfriend to change for them -- the guy didn't even change for his mom, so why change for you?!  And instead of saying "kung mahal moko dapat magbago ka", isn't it more romantic and appropriate to just say "mahal kita, tatanggapin kita".... in the first place, why did he became your boyfriend if you hate a part of him? It was your choice to let the guy in your life; he knocked and you open the door for him...you should have known that negative part of him before you let him in...so now it's your mistake, come to think of it. A key role to a good relationship is acceptance and compensation


6. They want their boyfriend to follow them -- are they slaves? Did you let him in your life to enslave him? I think you don't need a boyfriend, I think you need a yaya. They are rational being, they have their own mind, they make their own decisons, they have their own plans...


7. Their boyfriend is their life -- why are you allowing yourself to fall for that? Think about this, you're not his life, you're just a part of it...so don't make him yours!


8. It's okay to hurt him -- if you don't like to be hurt by your guy, then don't hurt him... the golden rule says "do not do  unto other what you want other to undo to you"... why hit him if you don't want him to hit you?! Did his mom ever hit him? What's your right for hitting him? Being a girlfriend is not rational enough to jutsify hitting a guy... Hitting is not a gender issue, if a girl hitting a guy is okay, then maybe a guy hitting a girl is okay...


9. Nagpappahabol -- bull's eye? "Kung mahal nya ako hahabulin nya ako"... What if he still loves you, but you left him or gave him a negative signal, so he thought there's no more hope so he decided to give up? And you were left waiting for him to come back? Your mistake. Your lost.