11 August 2009

My toy story

I am a toy.

I am a robot.

I was flashy and new when my master bought me out from the store. He did everything to earn the money to pay for my price. He was happy with me and the features I had.

He adored me. He played with me all times of the day and even kept me on his sides while he was sleeping at night. Those were the perfect moments of my life as a toy robot.

I didn't know what exactly happened. He just played with me less each day until the day came when he just forgot about me. I guess he grew up to the realization that playing with his human friends are much better than a toy robot like me.

It hurt me.

I was in pain.

If only a toy robot made of plastic could tear out the pain I was feeling. At that point, I wished I was more than what I was, maybe my master would have kept me.

Time passed and I accepted the fact he would not come back to play with me. I decided to move on and restore the hard-heart I had before he bought me out form the store.

It wasn't close to healing, but at least I was, when out of nothingness, my master held me up. I saw the smile in his face. I felt he missed me. He played with me again, and promised he would never lose me again.

And now my master is growing. He isn't the child who wanted me anymore. I can feel him slowly drifting away from me.

Will history repeat itself?

I hope not.

I love my master.

I love myself.

And, him throwing me away again, would hurt me so much again.

But I am a robot. Just a toy.

What will happen to me?

Will master keep me?


Will master throw me away, just like he did?

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