22 September 2009

They knew they didn't like you but nobody told you

Friends... you can never tell who are real or who are not.

I appreciate it when friends tell you your faults, mistakes and flaws. Who else will? And it's better that way since they can tell it to you in a nicer approach...in a way you'd get hurt, but you'd realize your mistakes. Of course you will never agree with your enemy, right?

But when friends hide the words and show their dislikes, it's a different story. I knew they didn't like me, but they didn't tell me what they did not like about me. Instead, they used actions and made me feel secluded. Words are daggers but Actions are bombs.

And they think I didn't know it? I knew it... I knew exactly what we were doing to other people then... I knew exactly how they'd react on people they dislike, and those reactions toward me are exactly easily read.

Aware or not, I did not expect I'd get that treatment from friends.