23 October 2009

The Great Love

Great Love...

They say it comes to your life just once. 

It strikes once but hard. 

He was my great love.

But then, I wasn't his...

I gave all the love, the care, the sacrifice, the patience, honestly, loyalty, and the compromise I could give. I gave up my friends. I gave up myself. That made my love great.

But no matter how great a love is, it's always not enough.

For a lot of times I gave up on the love. I wanted to walk away but he asked me to come back, he asked me to stay. It was my chance to leave but his tears made me stop and his words made me stay with him.

He loved me truly. Yes I'm convinced. But I wasn't alone inside his heart.

For almost 2 years, I loved him alone. 

Where is justice?

They say that when you love someone you should set him free.

I considered all his reasons valid and I set him free.

I didn't want him to be unhappy with me. I always wanted what's best for him even until now.

There's no point fighting. There's not point begging.

Every story has to end. But not all with a happy ending.

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