16 November 2009

It's a battle!

People go through difficult experiences; they get hurt, fall, stumble, and get wounded. Life is a battle. We need to keep our faith and hopes high. The good thing about the battle of life is that no matter how bad we get hit by our enemies, we always have the power to be healed by our own choice. We can just pick up our weapon, stand up, run, and fight back. Sometimes we just want to give up, just stay where we're lying and just close our eyes. But not matter how hard we keep our eyes shut, we can never escape the sound of the battle field - the voice of your enemies and your colleagues, the sound of the firing guns, the explosion of the bombs, and the cries of others who are also wounded. There is no assurance for a rescue, because everyone's struggling the same way you are. Everyone's fighting their own battle. You only have yourself, your wounds, your fractured bones, your injured body, your weapon, your faith, and your hope. And sometimes knowing that you're alive is the best hope you can hold on to yourself to just keep on fighting. We are all warriors, destined to fight for our own destiny.

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