22 November 2009

The Public Prosecution & Persecution

No one can tell you what to do because they don't now what you've been through.
No one can tell how you are because they're not talking to you! 

The only form of bitterness that people know is the bitterness of being unable to accept things that you couldn't get back anymore. If people think that way, they have the lowest level of understanding. Sometimes a person becomes bitter not because of being unable to accept a loss, but because someone did a very grave offence to them, something worth cursing (but not necessarily). I guess happy people with low-level comprehension could not understand that.

Anger is a dangerous word. A lot of things could be damaged. But anger is a compassionate feeling, and BS people do not deserve even anger. People always mistake anger for indifference. Indifference is when you totally don't care, you live your own life, you're happy and you're not missing anything from the past. But even if you already turned your back from some things, people will keep on relating those things to you. It's not like you wanted it or asked for it. But those people know something, heard something and saw something. And people's knowing, hearing & seeing those "something's" are beyond control. That's what you call "The Public Prosecution & Persecution". Reputation will not be ruined if the reputation's clean. Water will not leak of the pipe's not damage.

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