23 June 2013

A pound is something! Exercise Videos to start my journey...

I lived in Manila for two months because I had to review and take the IELTS. Since we were living in a condominium and given the kind of fast-paced kind of life in Manila, I would say that I lived a very unhealthy lifestyle. I ate many processed food at home (junk food, chocolates, canned goods), and ate at restaurants and fast food chains most of the time. I would say that my diet back then consisted of carbohydrates, oily and processed food. I had no time to exercise
. I know climbing the stair of MRT stations could be considered an exercise, but I avoided riding the train because I did not want to get sweaty when I attend my classes, so I resorted to (most of the time) riding the cab. I also slept late because my mind was focused on writing essays and reading stuff for my test. In short, it was the complete example of an unhealthy way of living.

In effect, I grew many pimples despite my efforts to keep my face clean. I had back aches and pain all over my legs. I easily got tired by just walking a short distance or climbing up to the 2nd floor of a building. I was always hungry and craving so I ate more. I was always tired and sleepy so I lazed around whenever I didn't have a class.

I think I adapted that way of life when I got back in Butuan. I ate at Mc Donald's most of the time, especially their hot fudge. I bought and stocked chocolates and junk food on my pantry. My refrigerator consisted of pork with thick fats. At home, I watched TV on my bed while binge eating whatever delicious food is available. During my work (I am a nurse), I just sat around, did the charting and referral, and ordered my bedside nurses to get medicine from the pharmacy or stocks at the central supply room, or to give the medicine, etc etc. Basically, I lived a sedentary lifestyle.

It was mid May 2013 when I just suddenly came across a website about BMI. I computed my BMI base form my old weight (as what I remembered). Guess what? I was obese! And sill am, of course. I told myself that I should lose weight, but the next days went by like nothing happened, because I did nothing! The next time I was surfing the internet, I came across an article about cardiology and health. I forgot all the other details except that women on the mid 20's who are (as these were the only ones applicable to me) overweight or obese, smokers, alcohol drinkers,  have family history of death due to cardiac problems and with relatives who have Diabetes Mellitus, are MORE LIKELY TO SUFFER A CARDIAC PROBLEM when they reach 30's. The clinical appearance of our patients who suffered Stroke or Cerebrovascular Accident due to hypertension flashed in my mind. I told myself  "I DON'T WANT TO BE LIKE THAT. I DON'T WANT TO DIE AT AN EARLY AGE."

The next day I weigh myself in the hospital and checked the internet. I found out that I have to lose 50lbs in order to achieve my ideal body weight. "That's a lot! How am I gonna do that?" I told myself. I had no idea what to do. I felt sad,  confused, desperate, and scared at the same time. I'm a time bomb. I f  I don't lose weight and be healthy before I reach 30, I'm gonna die and my boyfriend and parents are going to be sad. I did not want them to be sad.\

After some days, I saw a post in facebook. It was a before-after picture taken by my friend, Sheera, before and after her completion of the insanity work out. I felt proud of her. She had muscles on her abdomen! And then I thought that if she did it then I can also do it to. Well, maybe not with insanity or not with her "hard" diet and I may not have that absy-licious, but I can do something, I can have results too!

I searched youtube.com and found many easy exercises. I started with an easy one:

I did this for about a week until it because so easy for me and I sweat less. I thought I need something new, hard, but I am able to do (or else I might give up). I was looking for the full Zumba work out on youtube but instead, I landed on a Soca dance work out. It was FUN!

(click above to go to site)

After one and a half week, I thought it was getting easier for me to execute, and so I looked for a new workout video that'll fit my time in the morning. This is what I found:

At first I only used my hand, then I used empty bottle water just to have something to grasp, until I decided to buy dumbells (1Lb only). I hope to progress the weight of it in the future. I have to be honest, I never executed the whole workout. At first I was only up to the squats, then I got over it, and then etc etc. Right now I am only down to 5 minutes before I quit. But no, no, I don't stop exercising right away! Whenever I stop the work out, I jog-walk outside, one round from our house to Gaisano, then back. I just walk going back home so to cool down myself. At home, I do a cool down exercise, before I check my facebook and then eat breakfast.

Kelli's Quick Cool Down and Stretch

(click above to go to site)

This is the best cool down stretching exercise. It's so easy and most of all I never felt sore. Well, I feel it a little bit, especially when I climb the stairs, but I never felt it painful. It was the fulfilling type of sore that makes you say "ah" and think to yourself "I did something right".

Progress? I lost 1Lb. Yeeeeeyyy..!! It's just small, I know, but IT IS SOMETHING! It means I can lose another one and another and another and another, in the future. Baby steps, I mean. 

I'm giving myself 1 year to shed that 50Lbs! But I'm gonna do it the healthy way!

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