06 February 2007


Here I am once again, half way the road, alone and wounded; left alone and anxious. The whole sentence explains where I am today. Imagine yourself so in love then without any signs, you were left hanging in the air. Friends play important role in healing wounds and I'm glad I have the best "hear-healing staff"... I'm now in the tertiary stage: the stage of recovery. After I learned to accept the fact that the beautiful relationship is not just a part of my past, and that the future between us will never be as beautiful as it was before; we are done and we can not be together again. He said it! "Lisud man ta" or "It's hard for us" (in english)... And those words smashed me like I was hit by a baseball bat in the head. The impact was painful but I was awaken. Now I can say I'm half way where I want to be...

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