09 January 2007


I have this two friends who have something between them, quarrel as i call it. At first I thought that when they would talk about it and let their emotions be expressed, then their relationship will be restored, if not restored then at at least they would both be ok. Anger, disappointment, and depression, if expressed will just expire... And I used to think that'll happen on them.. And then friends and families started to interfere. And they just made the situation worse (or worst!). Yes we have the freedom of expression but along with that freedom is a RESPONSIBILITY...you should know when you must or must not comment because it's like you're already interfering with other people's business. "Break her jaw", "bitch", and more...do you know what you're saying? You turned the quarrel into a WAR...  


One of the two is closer to me, I know all her feelings and her thoughts. I read the blog of the other one and I understood her. I have nothing against anyone of them. They are both my friends and I wish nothing but PEACE BETWEEN the two of THEM.


I just hope you let them handle this situation because it is THEIR'S..... And instead of firing bullets, why don't you just help in the healing process... Anyway, firing bullets on the opponent will not heal your allie's wounds...

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