05 June 2007

Last Month was so Good... Today, I will make it Better

June 5, 2007              -           Tuesday                                 7:05pm




Do you know how it feels like to have everything in your hand in one second, and the next you see it all falling apart? I’m sure you did. We all did!


Last month I had everything I wanted; I had my happiness, my friends and the “love.” Last month I saw everything fall apart. Last month I was hurt. Last month I lost the “love.” Last month I almost lost a friend. And this month, I may not have the love and the fun, but I still have my friends.


It is not important to narrate the details, what matters are the things I realized and lessons I learned. After every situation, never forget to think, analyze and reflect why it happened. Everything has a reason; it may lead you to something better or worse, or it may be a test. From the situation I’ve been, it was both.


Trials are supposed to make us a better person, strong and wise. It hurts us and we sometimes fall on our knees and just cry it out; these are just normal human reactions. Anger and sadness are normal emotions, but let it be just an emotion and not an inspiration. At a point we just get tired of the anger or sadness we feel and we just want it to go away. It’s not that easy but as long as you have the will to succeed with your intentions, you will surely attain it.


When you love, you prioritize the people you love. God first! Next on the list are my family, then my friends, then boys, then other people. I love my friends! I feel sorry for thinking something bad for a good friend without a good reason. It was a mistake and people make mistakes, it’s just a matter of correcting it and learning from it. I hope she forgives me.


Hoes over Bros.

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