05 June 2007

Is it Valentine's Day, Dom?

May 30, 2007






Is it Valentine’s Day, Dom?


Love is a great feeling! I certainly agree with that based from my short experience in my soon-to-be 19 years of existence in this polluted planet Earth.


When was the last time I felt love? Two months ago. It was love but I wasn’t in love. Love comes in different forms. It may be the romantic or lustrous or innocent or criminal love; whatever it is as long as the feeling is there and perfection is not a criterion of the moment, then it certainly is love!


Haley and Nathan Scott (One Tree Hill) had so much love between them in such a young age. Peyton had so much love with Jake, Jenny, Lucas, Brooke, her dad and her art. Karen and Lucas’s love was just perfect!


I remembered Brooke saying this to Haley, “Show us true love really exists.” And it made me wonder does true love between a girl and a boy really exist? I have been loving and been loved since I started dating but I haven’t seen or felt that true love yet. I’m soon gonna be 19 years old and I haven’t seen a couple equipped with that; not in my grandparents, aunts and uncles, not even with my parents.


They say that there is no perfect guy, but there is one guy; one guy for you. I wonder is there really a one guy for me? Will I be able to find him or will he be able to find me? Who is that guy? Will love be the reason why he is the one for me? If he is for me, am I for him?




 -di ko na kayang tapusin...


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