01 September 2007

Issues... My life never rans out of it

Issues.... My life never rans out of it! Every month there's always something about me, there's always a talk about me.. I'm not saying I'm such an important person, it's just that we all know what CHISMIS is, right?



I can just ignore it when people says something about my status like when they assume I'm dating someone and stuffs like that, but i start to feel bad if people judge my personality. I hate it when people (not friends) judge me and criticize my being a person. You do not know anything about me so how the hell can you think of me that way?!



I do not know what exactly happened but I really don't care! I'm not miss perfect, I have plenty of flaws but I know what I am doing and I know where I stand.





I just hate it... I hate it!!