10 October 2007

Eight Reasons for my Hunger Strike

I will start my hunger strike tonight.... Why?


First of all, I'm becoming so fckn fat.


Second, some of my friends from Butuan do not miss me because they do not reply from my text and friendster messages.


Third, I'm under economic crisis; I need to save money.


Fourth, I'll meet my batchmates this Saturday and they'll be all shocked to see me out of shape if I will not starve myself.


Fifth, I'll meet the mom of my soon-to-be boyfriend next next week so I need to be atleast loose weight.


Sixth, I hate my ex-boyfriend for being such a shitty jerk, user, lier and simply an asshole!


Seventh, I'm loosing my self-confidence because I think I'm so fckn fat.


Eighth, I think I'm unreasonable.