27 December 2007

I just miss you

December 9, 2007               -           Sunday                      -           1:34pm


            Right now, I’m missing the two most important gentlemen of my life: Lolo Dadd and my DAddy. So sad to say, they’re all not here with me.
My Lolo’s gone since I was in grade one, and until now, I still feel so much sadness as reminisce the last few moments I was with him.

“Kikay, anak, one” these are just some of the pet names that my dada calls me. I didn’t know that I miss him until this one instance while I was on duty in the pediatric ward of our hospital. There was this little boy who was playing with his father, and as I saw his very happy face, I thought for myself “ang saya saya naman ng batang ito,” then I just felt tears in my eyes. I hurried out the ward and stopped the tears from falling. Ganyan kame ni daddy noon e, and I just felt that I miss those “kulitan” times we had when I was young. I know he misses me, the young me. I know if he could only ask God to bring back my childhood, I know he really would. I’m now quiet expressive on how much I love him, but I really love daddy. I remember him being so caring, loving, and “malambing” to me; he may not have been a good husband, but he’s a good father. (my gosh, naiiyak na ako)

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