27 December 2007

Lessons of 2007

December 28, 2007             -           Thursday       -           9:32am









            As I sit in my room, hearing the rough fall of water from the sky, I can’t help but reflect on the things that happened to me this year. There were successes, happy moments & downfalls. This year (2007) started well but it will be ending in vanity of sadness.


            Life is a rollercoaster, it is exciting, dangerous, and it is full up up’s and down’s & sudden turns, so hold tight and be prepare.


Time is gold; you must never miss catching each second of it.


People change, so don’t ever expect.


Promises are meant to be broken… no one is capable of keeping a promise.


You do not just listen to words; you also listen to the heart.


Expect for the worst and hope for the best.


“People come, people go….some return, others don’t” – Peyton


Boys come & go, but true friends never leave you alone.


Love is like a cliff, one wrong move and you’ll fall stumbling on the ground…. I made a wrong move.


Learn to bend yourself, you’re not forever poor, you’re not forever rich, you’re not forever dumb, you’re not forever smart, you’re not forever ugly, you’re not forever beautiful, you’re not forever sad, you’re not forever happy, you’re not forever with a crowd, you’re not forever alone.

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