29 December 2007

Questions which dared me

1) What's a difference between you and
the last person you kissed?
- Gender

2.) Do you believe that there's always
room in your heart for your first love?
- No….I’m happier with my present

3.) Where is the next place you will
travel to and with who?
- I’ll go back to Manila, alone

4.) Why did you kiss the last person
you kissed?

5.) Have you ever worn the opposite
sex's underwear?
- never ever!

6) Describe your hair as of now.
- straight, long, reddish-brown….they say it looks like a brunette’s hair… I really don’t care as long as it is long

7) How many times do you drink water a
- I don’t count

8.) What is currently your ringtone?
- secret….ang jologs e

9.) Do you say sexy a lot?
- yes

10.) When was that last time you had a
sleep over?
- I actually didn’t sleep during the making of our case presentation on the 2nd week of december

11.) Is there something you are
waiting on?
- yes – waiting for jan2 to go back in Manila & drink Starbucks’ coffee

12.) What's something you currently
-ipod video? Or maybe a car (ambisyosa)

13) What did you do today?
- attended our family reunion

14.) Do you want to get married & have
children one day?
- of course! My greatest dream!

18.) Ever kissed in a pool?
- no

19.) When was the last time you took a
- this morning

20.) Have you ever gambled in a casino?
- no…(reminds me of the pokaaahh bois…)

21.) Do you like to have long hair or
short hair?

22.) What's your favorite place you've
- Singapore

23.) Do you like ice-cream?
- yes…especially if it’s a chocolate ice cream!

24.) What's your favorite color?
- red, pink, yellow-gold, black

25) Are you single or taken?
- TAKEN…by *tooot*

26) Have you had sex in the last week?
- No…hahaha! What a question!

27.) Do you like to work with little
- No…just play with them

28.) Where are your mom and dad?
- They are currently on the other room

29.) What do you want for christmas?
- laptop

30.) Last vacation destination you
went to?
- Vacation? Tagaytay

32.) Do you like to eat ice?
- Yes.

33.) Where's your favorite place to
- Greenhills if I have cash but if I don’t then any mall will do as long as I can use my credit card

34.) When do you go to sleep?
- WHEN???? When I do not have a fckn NCP to do, when I don’t have exams

36.) Would you ever consider moving to
another state to be with the one you
- OF COURSE!!!!!

37.) Do you like sushi?
- not much…but it tastes ok

39.) Do you have empty bottles of
alcohol hidden somewhere?
- nope…..it’s not empty…haha!

42.) Own bright colored underwear?
- yes!

45.) Are you going to have a good
- hopefully

46.) Do you have strange dreams?
- a lot!

49.) What are you listening to?
- Empty Apartment by Yellowcard

50.) Have you ever had your heart
- a couple of times already

51.) What's something you learned
- don’t drink tequila too much if you’re going to have a family reunion in the next morning

52.) Are you happy?
- happy!!!

53.) What did you do today?
- attended our family reunion

54.) How many guys have you cried for?
- 5….

55.) Do you want to see the northern
- huh?

56.) Do you miss anyone?
- yeah!! my BOONIE

57.) What do you want to do as of now?
- kiss Boonie

58.) Do you speak any other languages?
- Filipino, English only… Bisaya:dialect

59.) Message?
-Boonie I miss you! Thea, Dyan, Neil, Denise, Kreamy, Rain, Jessy….happy new year, see you soon! DAw, Sheera mwah! Mom & Dad, I love you

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