01 July 2008

I'll stop talking shits

     Yesterday, Neil & I were reviewing our lives, and we ended up in a conclusion that me and my friends has a complicated life....full of drama! Pwede na yata kameng pang One Tree Hill... haha!

     Something came up to me last night and it made me realize that somebody's hurting because of me, my thoughts, my anger....plus my friends, the concerns and the chismosa's... I felt bad because I didn't mean to hurt or make somebody else's reputation at stake. I hate being judged and I don't judge people....people who I do not know. If A=B, and I hate A, doesn't mean I hate B.... because my only concern is A and what A did...

So anyway, here's a quote for myself from Grey's Anatomy:

"If you don't want drama then don't talk shit. Things are only complicated as you make them."

So I'll stop talking shits.... but it doesn't stop me from expressing myself... Because self-expression is not a shit....