17 October 2008


I have always been P.Sawyer's fan, but sinceI started watching some episodes of OTH's 4th season in ETC, I started to appreciate the character of Brooke Davis.

She loved only one man (Lucas), and she gave all her heart to him. In the end, she gave up that love and just accepted the fact that Lucas and her aren't meant to be together. She knew even from the start that the guy he was loving is destined to be with the person he loves the most. And Brooke gave up that love just to see Lucas be with the girl he's been longing to be with. She's successful and has money more than she can spend, but inside there's this emptiness.....

I guess the lesson is to never be selfish... True love is like an eclipse...it's RARE...so just let it happen...


"Remember when I told you what girls want? Girl just somebody who will want them back... At least I do" --Brooke Davis

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