19 October 2008

i am asking for DONATIONS...for a good cause

We are very fortunate for the blessings we have, and sometimes some things are more than enough. And since Christmas is near, we should start to practice the spirit of giving.

For years, my family have been sponsoring a party for indigent children in an area in Butuan

City Mindanao. The parties were done through the help of the Immaculate Conception Parish Butuan City, and in cooperation with Mc Donald's Butuan City. The party consists of games and prizes courtesy of Mc Donald's, and giving of gifts such as chocolates and new & imported toys from the USA courtesy our relatives from the USA, fruits from the farms and our used old clothing. 


The number of participating mother and children is growing, and the financial demand for the fullfilment of a satisfactory party is also increasing. This Christmas, we might stop giving clothes because we already gave out our used old clothings in the past years. Because of this, I decided to appeal to my friends regarding this problem.


Yes, you got it right! I am asking for DONATIONS of used and old clothings for the indigent mother and children in Butuan City. You have more than enough of what you acutally need, and giving out two or three items of what you do not use anymore wouldn't change your life....In fact, it can bring joy to those who are less fortunate.

We usually refuse to mention our family name with regards to the children's party...it's not the akcnowledgement which matters, but the happinness we give to those who benefit... but I would love to acknowledge the names of those who will donate during the party..

If you have old children's books and/or children's novels, you can also donate it. I am still looking for a beneficiary organization here in Metro Manila where we can donate books.

If you would like to donate used old clothings and old books, or if you have comments and suggestions, you are very free to fill out the comment box below... Thank You!