07 November 2009

Exact 5 minutes (Last words)

My Last words
I have this all in my mind already, just need to let it out. 
5 minutes..
Timer starts now

Friends don't fool friends. In the first place you were never a friend to me. I was just your accessory. Guess the line "I will remember you as you are right now to me" will apply for you. And what you are right now to me is a user, liar & a selfish jerk. People were right about you, I just kept my eyes blind about how I used to feel for you. Well I wasn't really blind.. I knew it all along. I just tried to see the good in you. The harder I tried, I didn't know I was already misleading myself so I wasn't able to notice that you were using me, was lying to me, and was totally being selfish. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate you. Hate is a compassionate feeling and you don't deserve any emotions from me. Well you don't even deserve respect after what you did.

Don't think I'm that ungrateful. I still want to give my deepest gratitude. I want to thank you for making me realize what a good person I am and what a good lover I was. And you did not deserve me and my goodness. I now know my capabilities regarding love & commitment, loyalty, honesty & selflessness. And that I can give out that same amount or even greater. And as for you, I just hope you can have someone who has the same level of tolerance & patience, or better, for your UNMASKED attitude.

This is my last piece. I said everything I have to say.

LONG BREATHE OUT!stop! - exactly 5 min

case close....

*this feels much better =)

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