02 November 2009

Three Things to Reminisce

Reminiscing is a very good thing to do. It makes you remember good old times and makes you realize your mistakes. The bad thing about reminiscing is when you remember the past and it hurts you because you know for a fact that all the good things are just memories...happened in the past, not existing in the present, and could never be repeated in the future.

Oh nothing beats the feeling of being in love! And nothing beats the feeling of a breaking heart. I guess the two is intertwined. It's like every love story is to begin happily and end sadly. It's like it SHOULD END IN SORROW with one heart broken and the other beating. Every partner has a distinct characteristic. And you learn from each one of them. A local movie quoted "Sometimes people have to break up so they can grow". When you're young and immature, you have to grow, and growing means going on alone. Someone has to go. Go... That's why I always like to say that PEOPLE ALWAYS LEAVE . But someone told me that those people didn't leave, it's just that their role in my life change. But it's not that convincing. Maybe because I haven't had a clear view of their new roles yet because my eyes are still blinded by the bad things they caused me as they went away. Like what Mayday Parade's Three Cheers for Five Years' line said, "I will always remember you as you are right now to me"

Sometimes we wish the relationship never started if it was only bound to end. We say that not because of regret but because we couldn't bare the pain we were feeling. I say it's just a matter of acceptance. Yes. Though we are the captain of our own ship, there are things beyond our control. Things just differ on how we react. 

They say friends come and go - but their coming to our lives isn't useless. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe that time you needed them, or they needed you. Maybe they are bound to teach you something. Maybe they are to tell you their story. Maybe you are to tell them your story. Maybe you're meant to be part of their story, and they are meant to be part of yours. You are the star of your own movie and not all extra characters are suppose to be part of the last scene before the "The End" is shown on the screen.

Nothing compares to the feeling of remembering moments worth remembering. The laughters, the drunk moments, the party nights, the drama, the sharing of life-story and the just-being-there-for-you days with the people you treasure. Someone said that friendship isn't about history, it's more of quality. But you'll prove the quality of the friendship base from history. No friend could be there for you all the time because they have their lives to live, that's why you're suppose to communicate with them, and tell them that you need them. I don't know why some people find it easy to throw away a good relationship.

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