08 December 2009

Redundant but True

I never meant for my life to be this way, but whatever the challenges that came to me, whatever spins & turns I've been through, I never gave up. I took all the challenges and faced them with all the strength I had. I spin & turned holding my head high and eyes wide open. I never let anything put me down. Sure there were a lot of times when I got tired and just wanted to close my eyes and not feel anything. But one thing's for sure  - I never lost hope. Hope was the only thing I held on. That small light of hope became faith, and that faith gave me, if not confidence, the guts to just keep on going. And that guts, with practice, turned in to strength. You see, we are unconsciously equipped to face life's bad shots. We just have to realize it. We just have to trust our own self. And most of all, we just have to make sure that we never lose the person that we are, the one and only ally we have.

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