30 November 2009

It's not destiny. It's you!

Some people, when faced with a difficult situation tends to reason out having "no choice"
 for their life's misery. I think that's a crap! We always have a choice. 
We are given trials, we are put into what seems like a hopeless situation. In every situation, there are facts, and every fact offers choices. So why say you don't have a choice?! The truth is that you always have CHOICES. Choices will not always be good; most of the time both choices are bad. It's up to the person to chose what's best or the lesser-evil. But once you chose, you should keep your focus to that choice and forget about the other, or else you'll have your life stuck on regrets and blames. Don't blame God, don't blame destiny, don't blame circumstances, don't blame other people. Blame yourself  for not choosing the best choice, or for not being able to accept the choice you made..  Don't live your life on WHAT-IF'S because you chose not to do those things! You had the chance to do it but you never did because you allowed yourself to be beaten by the negativities. Stop thinking of the things that could have been unless you have the will to turn back and change your fate! 

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