27 December 2009

Renew - it's time!

I guess I lived my teenage life well. I had all the fun. I crossed the boundaries my family & the society told me not to go. I met people I loved and hated. I now know exactly who I want to be with, who's ok, and who I should not hangout with. I now have standards and I will use them well. I guess experience helped me a lot. But being a teenager, I guess I did not miss anything else. I experienced everything I had to. And as the year is about to end, and a new one's opening up, I just want to be renewed in a better way. I'll be turning 22 next year and it's actually 3 years away from the teen-years. I need to grow up. I know this sounds crazy, but I guess it's time to use my ego & super ego more than my id. Id-years' over! I should start my career and start the person I will be. I'm done running around in no-direction like a drunk; it's time to WALK STRAIGHT!

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