27 December 2009

Not "just a plan", but "THE PLANS"

I read from a book that a plan not written is "just a plan". So I decided to write down my 2010 resolutions & plans so it will not stay "just a plan". I will make them happen as much as I can.

I find some of my resolutions/plans silly; but silly they may be, I'd like them to stay on the list! LOL

**My resolutions for 2010:
1. no more alcohol - avoid it or control!
2. no more YB - DEFINITELY!!
3. no more going home after 12mn unless needed or unless with parent/guardian's consent
4. no more going out alone with guy friends with girlfriend. lol
5. no more cramming...when given an assignment or whatever, do it & finish it ASAP!! 
6. no more spending money for alcohol...
7. no more listening to screaming heavy rock music.. lol
8. avoid tomboy-looking attire.. harhar!
9. go for the boys ONLY.. lol. 
10. DISCIPLINE!!!!!!!
11. no more half day's & absent on duty...and quality care for patients!
12. go to church every Thursday & Friday - come what may!!! lol

**Major plans for 2010:
1. expose the hidden secret...lol
2. cut hair SHORT! - for a change
3. be healthy - by that i mean EXERCISE & healthy food!!
4. read more novels!
5. go back to manila...for whatever reason
6. pursue the application for abroad
7. visit my dentist

**Minor plans for 2010:
1. watch all episodes of Gossip Girl from season 1
2. watch all episodes of Heroes from season 2
3. watch all episodes of True Blood from season 2
4. watch all episodes of Vampire Diaries from season 1
5. watch all episodes of 90210 from season 1
6. watch all episodes of Dr. House from season 1
7. shop for new clothes
8. hack my new i-touch (still coming this january) & load it with stuffs i'll be needing in the hospital & some whatever's. lol

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