15 December 2009

The First Twist.

Last night, I had that "ugly feeling" again of looking like a 3rd wheel on other people's relationship. It's not like I wanted it, or was my choice. I never asked for it, in the first place.Thank God, my friend's girlfriend is the understanding-martyr type (which I can relate because I've been on those shoes before) so I guess I'm safe from trouble & gossips for now. I just don't like getting involved or causing trouble or misunderstanding or whatever's. Traumatized, I guess? I think that's the consequence of being friendly with guys who are attached. LOL. But It's unfair to halt the friendship for such stupid reason.
 But I'll be willing to do so if things get beyond control.
I got affected with the issue and thought that I needed to vent out, so I ranted my feelings out to my friend through online chat. We had a funny, yet meaningful conversation. He told me one thing that got stuck on my head. "Minsan, nakakasawa din ang palaging masaya".Point taken! I guess my stay here in Butuan is fun; It's like having a fresh start, like a "new world". I'm enjoying just staying at the house, enjoying going out, enjoying the company of old friends, enjoying meeting people, choosing who to befriend, and knowing them better, and other more. I don't have a major problem. Seems like everything's going so well. And yes, nakakasawa nga ang palaging masaya. Maybe the 3rd-wheel thingie is the twist of my simple life - something to bother me, something to test friendship, something to test myself, or a reminder of the goals and objectives I resolved before I set my foot back here in Butuan. I'm not sure, but I believe things happen for a reason.

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