14 October 2012

The Gospel of Judas Escariot

I grew up on a Catholic school from primary to secondary school. For 10 years, I have constantly been reading, studying, and have been taught about Jesus, the disciples, the death of Christ, salvation of humanity, etc... Along those is the embedded idea that Judas Iscariot was a "traitor" who sold Jesus for silver coins. I know he felt guilty and took his own life after seeing the consequences of his actions. I think it was in 2010 when I asked my mom about what she thinks of Judas Iscariot; her answer opened up a new thought for me. She told me that she does not take Judas as a villain but rather a a part of the plan of the salvation of humanity - without him Jesus would have not been crucified and save humanity.

After hearing and reading about the discovery of the gospel of Judas, I became more curious about who Judas really is and what his role really was. The gospel of Judas was not written by Judas himself but by the Gnostics. It was not accepted by the Vatical because it may cause conflict of what the people already know. The gospel stated that among all disciples, Judas was special because he was the only one who understood the spiritual aspect of God, whereas the others were fixated on the physical aspect. The gospel stated that Jesus asked Judas to do the act of "selling" him to the Romans - that Judas' action was not betrayal but an act of obedience. Regardless if it was an act of obedience or betray, or if Judas was hero or a villain...I think God has a purpose for everything. Judas was the instrument for the fulfillment of God?s plan to save humanity from sins. I don't think he was happy of what he did, and that he regretted doing it. What matters is that he was sorry for what he did - and he asked repentance for it. We have a forgiving God.

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