01 November 2012

Are you ready for Zombie Attack?

Okay, I know this will sound kinda weird but it's somewhat related to the season - Halloween (although I only got to spend it with my patients in the hospital). My thought is about zombie. I got to watch The Walking Dead and saw an anime called High School of the Dead. I know both are fiction TV shows, but isn't it that technology, as we know right now, came from fiction also? Those touch screen TV or monitors, the GPS, the things our celphones could do, cloning, etc - these and many more used to be fictions only, but now we have them in our era.

So what about zombies? Generically, zombies are dead people who rise from their graves, dance thriller along with Michael Jackson...what? LOL! But movies about zombies right now are more cause by a disease. Just like in the movie I am Legend which features Will Smith - they manipulated a virus to make it a cure for cancer, but later on turned into something unstoppable and created a new kind of infestation to human; it attacks the nervous system and other parts of the body making logical thinking impossible to those infected. Is that possible to happen? I remember the zombies in that movie were somehow intelligent, they run fast, bu were afraid of lights. The zombies in the anime series High School of the Dead were kinda dumb - they could not see or smell or feel, they could only hear, and they eat...and they walk slow, but they were strong. I asked my workmates a hypothetical question : if there would be a zombie attack later on while you're on duty, you think you would survive? and what would you do? And the funniest answer I got was from our head nurse (a very religious and introvert person) who said she will pray...she will not help me fight the zombies...she will just pray! LOL! I already made a plan in my mind on what to do when a zombie attacks. It includes using IV poles to crash a window, use the little space outside the glass window to escape, go to Mc Donald's (which is beside our hospital) to get some food supplies and materials which I will be needing to survive and fight zombies. Hopefully, zombies will not be swarming the kitchen of Mc Donald's or else I'll be forced to hop on the other fast food beside Mc Donald's. I will then drive away from the city and go to a beach or a forest, somewhere there is water supply, where I can make fire and survive... I don't think zombies will want to go to those places since they're not that able to think the human way anymore. So have you had a thought on what to do when there will be a zombie attack soon?

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