15 August 2013

What to Specialize?

So, just for orientation purposes, I am a Critical Care Unit nurse, and for 3 years that I have been working in our unit, I have come to face with different people with different illnesses. The different faces of unhealtiness! I, myself, have also been unhealthy. I am now obese type I, according to my BMI, and I would say that I have a lot of fat deposits in my body (which is very obvious).

Lately I have been thinking about resigning from my job.
I wanna do something that would level up my career. Maybe a specialization, I guess. So I'm planning to resign, enjoy and do the things I wanna do, and then I would jump start my career by choosing a specialization. Actually, Critical Care Nursing is already a specialization, and CCU nurses usually get high pay abroad. But I don't think it's what I really want for the rest of my life. I believe that I need to engage into something I am passionate about.

For weeks, I have been searching the internet and exploring the different fields of nursing in which I think would fit me best. I have thought about oncology nursing, since cancer is very rampant nowadays, and of course I think I could relate with the disease. But then I realized that I think I am not ready to bear the emotional burden of being an oncology nurse. I am considering hemodialysis! It's one of my favorite options..

And then it suddenly hit me the question "why do I want to care for sick people?" I don't want people getting sick, in the first place. I want them to be healthy. I don't want them stepping to the hospital, except for executive check up's.

I believe that health is one's greatest treasure. It is the first and the most important investment one could give to anything - business, career, love or family life. I think that it should be taken cared for, enhanced, and be protected.

So I am thinking of becoming a "wellness nurse", if there is such thing. I want to be on the enhancing and preventive side of healthcare, and not on the cure side in which a life is on 50/50 scale of surviving or deteriorating.

I want to promote healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy and natural food, exercising, relaxation, and other aspects of wellness. I am still to explore more about this field. I want to specialize on something yet consider the others on my practice.

This is going to be a challenge for me. I would be updating my blog more about this stuff.


  1. Interesting Dom... I don't know if we have psychic connection because whenever you blog about something, it's also what I have in my unpublished posts... I'll give a reaction to this post through my unpublished post a... OKay lang sa'yo na i-link ko page mo na toh dun? :)

    1. No problem with that. I think that's a good idea... Wow... We rrally shpuld be housemates/ roomies! Hahaha