30 November 2013

Letter of Goodbye

Look in my eyes i hope you see my frustration. I'm giving you up, i have to. But you know you are the one that I want, the one my heart is screaming for. But we sometimes need to make wise decisions. My life is not like yours - based on romance, passion & affection. Dont take it the wrong way, I adore you for that. I envy you for your dignity & simplicity. It just doesnt go well for me in the world I live.

You might despise me for this, or it might not matter to you anymore. But let me just say that you were my sweetest sin. You will always be my biggest "what if" that i may never get over with. You are my "the one that got away," the hero in the tales that i will tell myself each night before I sleep.

I might regret this far from now if i see you settled down, but not with me. It is something i am not ready for. But since I made a choice, i oath to keep my cries meek inside, and you will only see me smile.
I wish I could say "wait for me," but I could also not reciprocate. Yet i believe that if we are meant to be, we'll see each other someday on the right place at the right time and be right for each other.
Maybe someday, not for now. I could only hope...

Written by: Dominique M. Arancon

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