13 December 2014

REVIEW: Nick Automatic

PS: Photos were only taken by my phone camera, and I do not know why some of it are not properly rotated when placed here.

Photo cropped from Nick Automatic's website.

Two weeks ago, a friend from Butuan asked me to buy a T-shirt for him from a specific brand and bring it when I get back to Butuan. He sent me a photo of the shirt that he wanted me to buy. I searched for it in the internet and found a store near where I live.

The shirt brand is Nick Automatic and the store is located in SM North Annex 3rd Floor. Together with two other friends, we walked from Trinoma and took the bridge going to SM North. It was a Sunday and there were literally a lot of people in SM North. I was a long walk and it took us many inquiries from guards and mall personnel before we finally found
the store.

 The long journey was all worth it when we arrived in the store. There were only a few designs left since they recently had their anniversary sale but it did not put us behind as some of the designs left suited my taste. Unfortunately my friend's choice was already out of stock as it was a limited edition.

I took photo of the shirts and sent it to my friend to have him choose.

In the end I bought two for him and one for me.

There were actually many designs, The cartoon designs were very interesting and fun. I am a minimalist and so I chose a simpler yet striking design.

I like the quality of the clothing of the shirt the most. By "like" I mean that I would be buying more on the days and months to come! It is thick yet it is cool to the skin. It is not excessively stretchable but it does not restrict your body from big movements. It is soft but it is the type that does not wear down easily. The bottom line is, the quality of the shirt's clothing is very comfortable to the skin and to body of the one wearing it.

Nick Automatic started with a twenty-man crew known as Team Automatic way back in 2009. The lead designer was Nicolo Nimor, named one of the 20 Best Young Designer by BluPrint Magazine Minor. Nick Automatic's designs represents a colorful, punk, rock and youthful vibe.

It stood by its slogan "Hand-made Worldwide Domination" as over five fun years, the brand reached world wide market. It is being represented not just by national artists (Urbandub, Chicosci, Sirens, Join the Club, Drop Decay, and more) but also by international bands such as Mayday Parade, New Found Glory, Silverstein, Cambridge and many more.

As for now, there are already three Nick Automatic stores nationwide:

SM North EDSA, Quezon City
J. Cetre Mall, Mandaue City, Cebu
Borromeo Arcade, Downtown Cebu

You can check out their social media sites:

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