05 July 2015

My Stand about Same Sex Marriage

The issue of same sex marriage has been a big boom lately due to the approval of the United States of America's law of legalizing it. Many people are satisfied but there is (I guess)  a majority which are very much unhappy about it.

I read a friend's post in Facebook about his strong opposition about same sex marriage and we came to a point of hot discussion. His arguments could be summarize to the following points:


1. God created man and woman ONLY, no third sex.

2. It was written in the Bible that if a man lays with a man, so as a woman, he shall be stoned to death/ bathe in his own blood.

3. Being gay is already a sin, being in a relationship is a greater sin, being married with the same gender is a greater greater/ greatest sin.

4. Their marriage/ relationship does not fulfill the "go and propagate" command of God.


1. It will change family structure, and the family, as the basic unit of society, will also be disturbingly changed.

2. Children will have confusion with gender, identity & roles.

His arguments made total sense and I accept that. But the thing is that I have an open mind in contrast to him. First of all, I view things in different perspectives and not just from the point where I stand. I weigh things and decide which side I agree. I am accepting and I believe in gender equality. Above all, I am not afraid of change and any bizarre adaptations our race needs to adapt to.


Yes it was written in the Bible about the sin of being gay or being in a relationship with the same sex (and more of it is being married to one). Hands down about that. The thing is, have you also read from the Bible that adultery, being non-virgin (which is an effect of prostitution and premarital sex), and any other forms of sexual immorality is punishable by death. What was being gay's punishment again? Death. What's the punishment for sexual immorality? Death. And do we commit these sexual immoralities? Don't say you don't.

My point is, by sin we are the same to them. By punishment, we are of no difference. So what makes you at the right stand to deprive them of anything that you are able to receive by human law, if you base your arguments by Bible?


Not everyone has the same beliefs as you do. Not everyone has the same religion and god that you have. You cannot insist what your scriptures say to those who do not even recognize it. Religion divides us. Our common ground is our temporary existence in this planet, and to make things fair, we should view things in that matter. It is for a fact that we were not equal, and still is not equal. People always struggle for relevance and acceptance: gay people, straight people. That's the fight: the right of marriage by law for the LGBT group. They are a minority but that's what makes them special and striving.

Change is constant. Our society evolved, keeps evolving and will continue to evolve. For the good? For the bad? It doesn't matter. It just evolves. Are you going to stop it or are you going to go with the flow? Of course there's no stopping to it, unless we all die together with our planet and nothing survives.

There are many orphans right now that could be adopted by same sex couples. Love and care fostered from these couples could change the lives of many abandoned children - abandoned by the straight biological parents. Anyway, being a parent is not about sperm and egg but about love and responsibility over the child.

Years ago, women were under the shadows of men. We didn't have the right to voice out, to express ourselves, to vote, and other unbelievable restrictions. Women fought for their place in the society: for acceptance, relevance and EQUALITY. Many opposed back then because they were afraid of "messing" up the structure of the families and the society as a whole. Was it stopped? No. Women got what they aimed, families changes, the society changed. The thing is that humanity is able to adapt to complexities. It is tried and tested from centuries of primitive, ancient, industrial, political and technological changes. I am confident that humanity/ society could handle same sex marriage and be able to adapt to it.

Before I end this post, let me just clarify my stand. I am a Christian, I respect my religion and I love my God. I do not agree for same sex marriage inside my Church. On the other hand, I believe in gender equality and I believe that gay people deserves equal human rights as straight people have and I have no problem about them legalizing their relationships, living under the same roof they could call home, and adopting and raising children who badly needs families.

There are two sides in every story. It is good to keep an open mind and see things from the opposite perspective. In the end your decision will be strongly influence by whatever are your priorities in life. Please do not be righteous. We are all sinners, all human, all has temporary lives. I do not promote same sex marriage or feminism. I just strongly agree about Gender Equality.

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