05 June 2007

Why I Love Writing Blogs

May 30, 2007







There is a complete difference between a blog and a letter. A blog is more for self expression, like you are writing things for yourself. A letter is writing things for someone else.


I’m really not sure why I’m writing this blog. I usually write blogs when I have something going on my head or heart. When I’m pissed off, heart-broken, sad, happy or inspired, I write a blog. I just type everything that comes to my mind. I had a couple of blogs written that I didn’t post on the net. After writing it I usually figure either it’s just gonna cause trouble or it’s too personal for people to read.


I am aware that people get to read the things I’m posting that’s why I don’t fake the things I write. I did not regret posting any of my past blogs because people I care and who care about me, who I don’t get to talk with, are informed with what’s going on with my life, how I feel, and things in my mind. Well, some people who I don’t care but care about me are also reading my thoughts. Welcome to my world! You’re a stranger to me but I’m no stranger to you.


I am an open person, I don’t shut people out of my life, and I don’t shut myself out from the world. I really like it when people are trying to know me more than what they see. I’ve been through being labeled and nothing hurt much than people treating you as not you, but the label. I don’t want to get in to too much detail with this; past is past. I guess I have been successful in erasing the “Rocker” that labeled me for almost a year and I hope the “Emo-Girl-in-a-Pink-Shirt” will stop. I want people to see the girl that I am. If you won’t let people in your life, you won’t be able to let yourself in too.


I don’t get it why some people are so bitter in letting other people in to their life. It’s not like that other-people really wanted to get in their life.


I don’t get it why some people are so bitter against other people who just want to make that some-people’s life easier.


I don’t get it why some people think they know the truth, but they really don’t…








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