22 December 2009

All About Her

Don't touch her of you're not going to hold her 
don't smile at her if you're not going to laugh with her
don't call her if you're not going to talk to her
don't threaten if you're not going to do it.

Don't say her name if you're not going to say it complete
don't ask her where she is if you're not going to come over
don't say you like her if you just enjoy the company
don't ask her if how she is if you don't mean to make her feel better.

Feelings' are precious, you should never play with it.
You don't want to get hurt, so don't do thing that may cause hurt for other people.
Most of all, don't do things which can put false hope.
You can't have what you want; give up the first or give up the other one.
We have to make choices which we don't have to,
but at the end of the day we still are going to choose.
And we will live our lives base on the choices we made.

-Inspired by a movie

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