03 December 2013


Moon & Stars I see in the sky at night time.
I wished for the star to lighten up my dark life.
It fell on Earth shining as it descended.
It came to me, its light never ended.

Star illuminated the walks of this planet,
brought back life /I thought would never be alive.
Birds started singing,
the water returned its flowing.
My world made sense again as I was hoping.

But stars do not belong to the ground.
In the Milky Way is where it should mount.
Star lifted up and left my world,
I know there's no way it would return.

I see many stars as I look up the sky.
They shine brightly beautiful at night...
I wonder where my star is right now,
I'm sure she's out there looking down.

Written by: Dominique M. Arancon

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