03 December 2013

The Crowning Shot

Press your lips to mine,
it might be our last.
Say your piece til I'll be able to hear it.
There's no turning back.
This is our last chance.

The future is calling
but the bast is sitll ingering.
Lost, caught in between.
But know that still ought to go.

I want every moment to pause,
let it stay this way.
That is the only state that I can be with you,
because there is no tomorrow.

Every second being counted,
every kiss being remembered,
every word means something.
In every tough I am sinking.

Press my lips to yours,
this really is our last.
I said my piece, I know you heard it.
I'm walking away, thank God for this last chance

Written by: Dominique M. Arancon

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